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Good for a laugh!

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Good for a laugh!

Post by HuaNgu on Fri Apr 02, 2010 11:37 am

Hey folks, I'm just here because I found this posting on and thought I would share a giggle with ya.

- 1 Science teacher (70,000 baht per month)
- 1 Math teacher ( 70,000 baht per month)

Matayom 1~6.
20 students per class.
Max classroom hours = 20
Minimum bachelors degree in English.


Our wonderful little city of NST is nestled in the hills, on the shores
of the Gulf of Thailand, half way down the Thai peninsula.
- 20 minute drive from a string of tranquil and beautiful beaches.
- 90 minute drive from either, world famous Krabi or Kho Samoui (+ ferry
- Soak in local hot springs. See our indigenous Pink Dolphins. World’s
best SCUBA diving.
- Climb the 2nd highest mountain in all of Thailand. Swim at base of
numerous water falls.
- Warm, friendly, & helpful foreign community, many have been here
for numerous years.

Job description

- You will be teaching grades 7 ~ 12, (mathium 1 ~ 6). Maximum class
size is 20 .
- Maximum classroom time will be 20 hours.
- Minimal community activities such as tree planting expedition or
school field trips.
- You are a friendly, organized, & easy going team player with a
work 1st work ethic.

Requisites required

1 ) – Recognized western bachelors degree in education or … Thailand
certified teachers’ certificate or license.
2 ) – Recognized TEFL/ TESL or equivalent certificate.
3 ) – Minimum 1 ~ 3 years teaching experience.
4 ) – Minimum bachelors degree.
5 ) – Native / 1st language must be English.

About us / who are we?

We are very proud and excited about our brand new International school.
The full name of our school is “Nakhon International City School”. (
NICS ). We are raising the bar on the education level in Thailand.
Please come join and be a part of our winning team.

We want you now.

For a quick response please contact foreign teacher supervisor, Norman
MacLean, with an appropriate resume at…

NST has the "world's best SCUBA diving"?? Bwahahahaa!! WTF?
The highest mountains are all in the north! NST isn't even in the top 10! Highest Mountains in Thailand
Also, 90 minutes to the islands.... plus ferry time....

Thanks for the laugh!

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Re: Good for a laugh!

Post by Admin on Fri Apr 02, 2010 3:27 pm

Yeah, it is a little over the top.

SCUBA Diving ..... Cheezy

Possibly the highest in Southern Thailand Duh

90 mins to Samui/Phangngan is about right + the ferry, is it not? That's what I do it in or even less.

....... but forgetting that, B70,000 is very livable in Nakhon. I think I could survive on that, just!


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Re: Good for a laugh!

Post by Snowflake on Fri Apr 02, 2010 6:41 pm

raising the bar of education is a bit hard, is it not??

Well good luck... I wish i could get that job... I would be willing to work very hard for that...

So Norman is in charge... Well, i still think it will fail (that meaning three other schools will be better)...

Good luck...

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Re: Good for a laugh!

Post by Norris McWhirter on Sat Apr 24, 2010 10:36 pm

Anyone had any feedback from anyone?
Norris McWhirter

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Re: Good for a laugh!

Post by taniabear on Sun Apr 25, 2010 5:07 pm

NICS? Where is that boys? Who is in charge? Is it genuine?

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Re: Good for a laugh!

Post by Sponsored content

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