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Work Permit requirements

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Work Permit requirements

Post by Admin on Mon Feb 08, 2010 2:06 pm

It's hiring and firing season again and some may be worried about how to obtain a 'little blue book'. Here are the details:



1. Having residence in the Kingdom or having permission To stay in the Kingdom temporarily under immigration law (only NON-IMMIGRANT VISA is acceptable).
2. Having the knowledge and/or skills to perform the work as stated in the application for a work permit.
3. Not being insane or mentally sick, suffering from leprosy, tuberculosis, drug addiction, alcoholism, elephantitus and syphilis.
4. Never having been imprisoned for violation of immigration laws or the Working of Aliens Act at least one year prior to the date of application.

DOCUMENTS REQUIRED Please arrange documents in the following order:

1. Application Form with 3 (5 x 6 cm.) recent photographs (taken within the last six months, not from a computer/Polaroid)
2. A certificate signed by the employer showing the need to employ a foreigner (the form provided by the Department of Employment).
3. Copy of the applicant's education certificate and job experience record ( Form provided by Department of Employment is accepted in cases such as foreigner cannot submit the copy when applying)
4. Medical certificate showing that the applicant doesn't suffer from prohibited diseases as identified by the law.( issued within the last six months).
5. Passport and one copy of all pages or Certificates of Permanent Residence and Certificate of Alien with a copy.
6. Power of Attorney with 10 Baht duty stamp affixed and a copy of appointee's I.D. Card (if the applicant is unable to apply in person)
7. Map showing the location of the company/enterprise
B.A Power of Attorney made by the employer with 10 Baht duty stamp affixed and showing a copy of appointee's I.D. Card.

Supported Documents as category of employer

1. Company
1.1 A copy of Thai Company Registration and a copy of recent shareholders list, updated within the last six months. Or foreign juristic person needs to submit a copy of Business Operations Licence such as foreign earned documents about money import.
1.2 Copy of VAT Registration form Phor Por0 1 identifying type of business and Form Phor Por0 9 if there is any change.
1.3 List of foreign workers show working at this company identifying work permit number.
1.4 A copy of employer's work permit in case of him/hers a foreigner. the employers not working in Thailand or has no work permit, Power of Attorney certified by Notary Public and Thai Embassy is needed.
1.5 Company engaging any business which a license from the relevant Authorities needed, for example: Factory License, Restaurant, License Liquor License, Cigarette License. Hotel License, Tourism L icense, Hospital License, Chemical ml pbrtL icensee, tc.
2. Private school teacher
2.1 A copy of letter of teacher or instructors assignment list of foreign teacher's designed form and employment contract
2.2 A copy of teacher license (as Law of The Council of Teacher and Education Personal) in case of trainer is excepted.
2.3 A copy of the license of the school establishment and signed by the headmaster.
2,4 Copy of education certificate transcript and job experience record in teacher
3. Government organization / Teacher of government school
3.l In case of teacher of government school, a copy of teacher license (as Law of The Council of Teacher and Education Personals) need. The trainer is not included.
4. Association/ organization/ foundation
License of association organization foundations establishments
5. Film making
5.1 A letter from Ministry of Tourism and Sports how the list of applicants me, position and passport number and coordinator license.
A copy of Company Registration (updated within six months).
(1)Any documents in foreign language other than English must be translated into Thai and certified by an academic Thai native speaker. All the Forms have to be filled in Thai.
(2)Every page of the documents belonging to the company need to be certified by an authorized person or the appointee with company seal. Every page of the document belongs to applicant and need to be certified by the applicant himself or the appointee. Tel: A 2245 2745, A 2245 2562


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